Day 06 - User Profile

Postet av Camilla den 7. Feb 2024

Daily UI 100 Days Challenge

User Profile

💬 Prompt 

Design a user profile and be mindful of the most important data, names, imagery, placement, etc. Is it for a serious profile? A social profile? (It's up to you!)

🎯My approach 

I was inspired by real work-related platforms, like LinkedIn, Slack etc. and wanted to create a user profile that could be used to check out a consultant for a company, or anything related to business inquiries! So I decided to take inspiration from a relative of mine, my cousin Tina! So I took a photo i shot of her in 2023, and made her user profile on mobile. 

🎨Design focus

  • Creating a user profile card that showcases the essential information, with a "message", "add" and "share" button.
  • Making it user friendly by including features like project links, hourly rate, and online status.
  • Bold and modern design.



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