Day 08 - 404 Page Design

Postet av Camilla den 14. Mar 2024

💬 Prompt 

Design a 404 page - that's not boring! 

Does it suit the brand's style? Is it user-friendly? It might sound mundane, but not everything can be flashy or glamorous. Every day millions of people will be landing on 404 pages. You have an opportunity to help them in a way that's useful and aesthetically pleasing. (It's up to you!)

🎯My approach 

I have been planning to go to the movies, so I have been browsing the local cinema's homepage a few times lately and decided to create a new 404 page for them! I found their current 404 page, which wasn't bad! It was just a little mundane, and i thought it could be a good case for my re-design. I knew the task was to make sure that this error-page was not boring, so I immediately thought about having a big, expressive face and maybe something cinema-related for my design.

🎨Design focus

  • Expressive and not-boring!
  • Having a good error message that effectively lets the user know that this is an error page
  • Adding useful links, to guide users back to the sites main content.
  • Staying true to the colors and theme of the main site content, leaving the top navigation bar and search bar in place. 


After (my re-design):

Check out the mockup in Figma here!


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