Day 07 - Settings

Postet av Camilla den 17. Feb 2024


💬 Prompt 

Design settings for something. Is it for security or privacy settings? Game settings? Light mode vs. dark mode? System settings (sound, notifications, screen time, Wi-Fi, etc.? What is it and what are the most important settings? 

🎯My approach 

I wanted to put together a screen time settings page with all the right controls to manage screen time. And since I'm a big fan of dark mode, I went ahead and designed it with that in mind.

🎨Design focus

  • Prioritizing simplicity and intuitiveness by arranging relevant controls in a clean, one-column layout.
  • The dark-themed design is intended to symbolize screen time usage, as dark colors resemble a powered-off screen. This choice is particularly relevant to the design of these specific settings.



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